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It is highly unlikely that we would find live specimens of Proadenia, but it is possible that over millions of years to see billions, it is possible to observe. Also, during our conquest of the universe, it is likely that we met ...

I do not know what I will write in this chapter, but try to realize this dream together ...

The Proadenia should be in its simplest form, without layer glycerophosphate, but it is possible that this is the case? In Euadenia bodies, the outer layer of the cell is generated by the magnetic agglomeration of several molecules of "fat" in a structural organization mono- or bi layer. It is possible that in the meantime, there's been another form of membrane structure.

The endoplasmic reticulum is responsible for the synthesis of "fat", and in quantities sufficient to justify the origin of the fat matters. But was this the case in the most primordial cells? It is possible that other chemical strictly extracellular structures have could produce these membranes in real time so they either used long enough to allow the spontaneous evolution of structures producing by itself, using RNA-P. Where, is the opposite, that the membrane structure has appeared before. Where, after we face an evolving combination that would create a different taxonomic classification.

I will consider them together and you will come back soon with a sequel to all this …


The simplicity of the P-RNA molecules, preserve us to develop a system too complex, it is also for this reason that I privilege this hypothesis. Once a DNA could occur, it is simple to produce underlying RNAs, but if not, is it possible?

Hypothesis of the cavity-cat: It is possible, without membrane, to produce a closed system, which can exchange with its environment. Maybe they were. For example, a simple cavity in the rock, with a small opening, or porosity allowing a molecular exchange, might have given our first cell enough time to develop a simplistic membrane structure, but sufficient for its subsequent development. I may be talking about a chemical agent that has the property of changing viscosity at low concentration or not. Subsequently, the cell could have been released by an explosion of joy and a meow of happiness. But before that, what could have happened to get there?

It has been possible to produce RNA and DNA fragments in the laboratory for a long time, but what is the probability that substances would be formed in different cat-cavities and released to give rise to the desired reaction. However, with the calculations based on the decay of carbon-14 and other isotopes, it is possible that this was done over a very very long time (billions of years). It is now possible to study the situation and determine the exact sequence or not of what has happened, which is not a purely phallic resonance, because it would be quite the opposite of where we come from.

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