Carbon NanoTubes

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This magical and astonishing fact had escaped the science of my time. I had the idea to design nanotubes before, when I was in primary school, but I did not understand this essential step. It was when I had this enlightenment, that I understood many amazing things, like you...

It will suffice to provoke some electric spark, at the bottom with an electrode and an other one at the top with a distance correlated with the average length of the nanotubes to be connected with the main one. The block of ice could be made with other materials, the principle is that many small layers of material is added to the block when we actually had a connection between the main tube and the add-on, fact than can be verified by resistivity or delta Voltage to apply for jumping electricity from the main tube to the top electrode. One difficulty is to maintain the ice block with dimension that can varied from the illustration, in solid state.

Of course, the ambient temperature must be close to the one of the medium but to compensate the acquired heat, it will probably need some input by the gas or the holder of the said medium of solid state matter. When the ice will melt at the bottom or sublimate the top will have to crystallize at a calculated rate. The main aspect of the situation is that we can hold the fiber and prevent it to break will trying to add some more elements with an increase power of electricity. Maybe some electric-magnetic fields could be used to orient those fiber in the interstice, we may that way achieved a fastest reaction by shaking them a little bit within specification.

We won't be able to achieved the cable for the space elevator with that technology alone, but with some other...

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