Hiding Ressources


There is a lot of options, on how do we hide to others, that we are building Non-Einsteinium devices. It could include secret facilities, but certainly diverting ressources from standard industries. What is needed to build irregular physics machine or testing devices:

The first spice: Helium-3

The fact is that this Helium isotope is solid, at the required temperatures (once allied: i didn't know until recently!). I think, that it's late to try extracting it from atmosphere, but let's consider it:

0.0002% of the natural Helium :()

0.000524% of atmosphere is Helium, let's consider, transforming me in gorilla :()

me the gorilla

With the required amount of electricity for extracting it, we need a industry to hide behind :)

Don't waste our time in exact calculation, the energy requirement for liquid Helium is about (in the actual proccess of natural gaz liquefaction): 60 kwh/liter: ahhhahhhah -> 500 000 liter of liquid Helium to obtain 1 liter of Helium-3, at a energy cost at least 2 time the one of regular He.

me on the side

The supreme final eternal magic galactic cat number is: 30 000 000 kw*h per liter :(

But, One liter of liquid Helium-3, is great. A lot of funny experiments :)

The second spice: Tritium and a lot of problems

If you can consider having a lot of problems: It look like building the only kind of reactor everyone could build, is the best way to achieve that :)

The miserable CANDU, but will need a post treatment to retreive the Tritium, like catalyst recovery, and cryogenic distillation :(

There is also these two reactions:

The infamous third spice: the smallest problems

Almost every citizen of this world, have some of this spice. It's only a transluscide medium to operate a separating oscillation on the ligth, Under my theory :)

The Ultra Supreme Infamous Cat Devices

Devices   Notes Links
Helium-3 Sounds Generator
(The Cat Tongue)
  • Only the first spice

  • To allied it:
    • C60: Fullerites
    • Ionic solid: if you find some
    Ether-Electron (MyPage)
    Helium-3 Sounds Receptor
    (The Cat Ears)
  • Same as The Cat Tongue

  • To interact it:
    • Most probably: Thermo-Laser
    • My second choice: Piezzo

    Helium-3 Brain Saturator
    (The Mad Cat)
  • Same as The Cat Tongue
  • Large device (not a pin head)
  • Weapons (MyPage)

    The Final Galactic Eternal Ultra Supreme Infamous Cat Devices

    Devices   Notes Links
    Tritium Matter Generator
    (The Cat Tail)
  • The First Spice
  • The Second Spice
  • The Third Spice
  • Capacitor and Piezzo :)
  • Matter (MyPage)

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