This wonderful plan, which will save humanity from decay, will be based on transportation, and will be self-paid by user-payers. Financed by various technical means, according to everyone's beliefs, I will propose here mine...

I would propose a plan on several phases, the most paying ones first, in order to finance the following:


This card is beautiful, and for me, worth a little less than 7.5 trillion US dollars for 25 years. 2 E9 passengers * 150 USD * 25 years = 7.5 E12 USD :) We must also realize that the traffic will be increased tenfold if we reduce the cost by 5 :() But, do not play the top, only on the verifiable money...

So, not counting the poop, 7.5 T USD + 2.5 T USD = 10 T USD verifiable. Less the cost, also disproportionate, but less of the Eva Cats EA Princesses tubes.

The self-sufficient economy with external relations is needed everywhere on Earth. Tourism seems to me to be the best way of producing wealth for the poor countries of Africa, because it is simple to implement (relative to heavy industry, for example), and it is especially possible, due to the presence immense natural wealth on this continent. Human nature being what it is, wild animals and fantastic panoramas, accessible temporally and at low cost, could make the wealth of many. 750 Million visitors per year, seems to me a correct estimate of the current situation, if we add the modern transport, but this number could make a giant leap, under these potential conditions.

So, 750 E6 * ($ 25 transportation taxes + $ 5 profits selling electricity to the tube + $ 1 services tube + 2 nights to $ 25 profit + $ 75 profit + $ 15 profit food trip) / 20 Country (sorry for this approximation) = 6.5 B USD per year. This figure is ridiculous because not all African countries will be equal in this respect, but still ...

How many Europeans and Americans and Chinese will pay for it: A dream weekend in Africa for only: $ 500. I bet it will be more than 1.5 billion people a year :) For total economic benefits (no direct government profits): 750 billion USD per year for Africa. Currently, international subsidies are in the range of USD 20 billion, according to IMF 2007 figures, and are spent in a certain percentage in the issuing countries. In conclusion, 750/20 = 37.5 X more money, less what is currently spent on tourism, not much ...

The costs for maintaining the infrastructure could be of this order of magnitude, $ 6000 / (km * year):

The final route of the African Cats road will be the source of many evils. On the next page, I will try to make a first approximation of this plot.



Tourism should be a free enterprise issue, and be managed locally, to avoid all sorts of problems. What should be the sums required to please the EA Princesses in their next trip to Africa?

Food 2-3 stars:

The cost of a meal of the Western-alien type, could be 3 Euro, sold at 5 Euro / piece. The insects that arise on the food are not a problem if we saw them ask :) Most Westerners, do not reject the lukewarm food. Local vegetables and starch will do the trick, but some Westerners particularly like bread :()

Accommodation 3-4 stars: 60 Euro / night

1 star accommodation: 25 Euro / night

Motorized transport: 75 Euro / day, 18.75 $ / passenger

Total (10 days): $ 712 + guide (50-1500 USD, it's a real madness, Rwanda-South Africa) + tube (50-400 USD) = 1500 $



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