A-M Classical


The title of this section is ironic, because everyone knows and realized in practice, the movement is possible. But, this statement is still correct! This is hard to believe but when moving, the material makes small leap instead of moving it evenly. The size of these bonds depends on the matrix and the matrix can be deformed by the gravitons. So the time to make a move can be reduced by energy interference.

In the interstice of two points of the matrix, it may be considered that the matter becomes ether, like two parallel worlds which would be intimately intertwined. In each corner of the known space, the proportion of each of the two worlds varies according to their distance from the star-hole system. In fact it is the angle that is important: This is why the galaxies are largely planar. You may notice that there is some repetition of certain concepts, but the truth must be framed not pointed at, which would be very serious mistake and vanity. The most important thing in science is to understand in the first place that we are small and that science is great...

What seems to be the truth can always turn it against itself and lead us to make serious mistakes. The substance of this work is defined as the search for the least harmful of truths. Science as I define it, may seem to substitute for the religion of some others, but this will be treated in another work.


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