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The origin of the superior thinking capacity of the human being lies in the bilateral symmetry of the body.

From the bilateral symmetry of the brain itself comes the absolute necessity of the hemispheres to communicate with each other.

From the anatomy of the brain, it comes to my mind that central systems are at the seat of evolved thought.

An evolved thought, includes the electron-chemical network of the neuron system as well as the individual capacity of said neurons to interact with the ether resonance of the central seat of the brain of the human individual.

The science of human biology teaches us that cells consist of, among other things, complex molecules assembled from amino acids, some of which could, by means of their resonant cycles, produce a sufficiently quantifiable operation on the matrix, had to the inertial load of the electronic displacement.

The study of the genetic code of the human being, by its nature which, among other things, includes the original recipe of the amplifier system of the ether waves, which must be protein and which certainly acts as a cascade of electron-chemical potential towards other parallel systems related to the network nature of the neural system, could certainly tell us the protein or proteins in question.

Due to their quasi-random positioning, the individual receivers as well as those of the central system emit and receive in all directions.

A disconnection of the two hemispheres, with the aim of remaining alone in one's head, thus entails an almost complete incapacity of the brain to act as the seat of the central system.


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