Following a few reasonings and experiments, you may discover that exposure to the Aether-Electron can, if the flux is large enough, put the beings that possesses this mechanism says evolved selection of neuronal groups, in danger of death. The principle is that all the cells possessing this mechanism can be "trigger" following the reception of such radiation. It is then that the cerebellum, the organ of the brain that controls the heart rate, could be turned off. Unfortunately, this action would translate into an incapacity of the human body to survive more than a few minutes, it is clear.

The tool to get there would be, a sphere, to disperse the radiation everywhere on Earth. It is not absolutely necessary to use such a geometric shape, but it is what is the simplest to operate :) The number of C-60s which would contain Helium-3 atoms, which could be put on this sphere would be all the more impressive since the sphere itself would be great ;) The main principle being that the electric field of the spherical capacitor would limit the thickness of the spice layer to "only" a few centimeters ;) So a lot of Ether-electron ...

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