This new weapon, may achieved to reset AIDS to early seropositive state, in the user that will have to be sequestered for some time, with an overall cost of about less than 100$ for at least 6 month between treatments. Actually the medication is about 12,000 USD per year, and only slowdown the irremediable process. So what could be this miracle, and what are the odds to succeeded it. This will be the aiming goal of this document...


This concept, which I discovered more than 30 years ago, and now improved to close to theoritical functionality, is very interesting. It is enough to use a virus of a frightening effectiveness in order to destroy another virus which would have the weakness to take its time to do its work. The perfect example that comes to mind is AIDS.

The general principle is that once contaminated by the fast virus, the additional internal structures of the slow virus, that are missing in the fast invading one, causes the cell to lysis before it can produce small babies ... which allows the saving of a maximum of cell of the host and the destruction of the infection and even almost the complete disappearance of the pathogens. In the case of AIDS, the smallpox virus could be used because it meets all the criteria for ferocity. Obviously, getting a strain of smallpox, that is unable to reproduced itself, is a challenge, but this game is worth the effort.

The problem with this solution is obviously to reproduce the modified smallpox viruses on a large scale. The current solution advocates individual selection of said viruses, which is extremely prohibitive, even for a single treatment. I won't go into details, but workarounds might be possible with a little research and brainpower. In the case of the use of smallpox, extreme caution is advised ...

A disastrous result could occur, if only one virus were healthy. The smallpox virus has been eradicated since 1977 and has a whole history. Used as a weapon of war and decimation, it was very tactically effective. It still exists in some ultra-efficient laboratory, because it must not reappear on Earth in any way. That has been said, fortunately there are some well-preserved strains, because its speed of action and its genetic simplicity is unequaled.



To retrieved a part of the bacteria, that is used by AIDS, by using phages (used that time for this purpose) could be a long process, by using synthetic parts of the virus, to be attacked, genome, looks better. After the mutation, analyzing the coding sequence don't, because with the different operation provided by mother nature, the exact coding sequence is not achieved (so theoriticaly :( ), but only in length, actually, based on reading of insulin matching with Human DNA, it do ! We can't just follow the genetic recipe, it could be some splicing or maturation outside the RNA process cycle.

In counter part, we could proceed systematically to achieved almost every single molecules that could rise from a virulant virus strain. That by magnetic and calorific centrifugation (to see further). This huge amount of possibility could be restrained and divided within mature laboratory, maybe with some duplication, only to make sure...

The worst case scenario is to merge, in solution, AIDS and the ultra famous duo, to makes them reproduced, up to our needs.

The fact that a bacteriophage will, if it's correctly replicated, lysis the infected cell is great, because we could looks at this phenomena physically with multiple optic devices. We need to get a invaded cell that won't explode, and that fact could be fast by the use of a specific strain that will act like that. After, we need to get the researched sub-cell back from this non exploded cell :()

Maybe using chemical that will induced lysis, we will be able to scan for the sub-entities with microscope. That single cell, unfortunately can't replicated. That precious cell, we don't know yet if it's the good one, will have to go trough the next step. The problematic is that the next step could kill the prospect, that is costly to achieved.

After some research on the Web, it seem that the gag from HIV is located in the phage that produced a cytotoxin, that could achieved what we need... I'm to 15% chance of success :)


Believe it or not, I achieved 100% on 684 bases and 0.303 ratio :) :() :)
That is great, because Insulin is worst, 100% on 2245 bases 0.207 ratio, and is clearly include in the Human DNA :)


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