Thibodeau Constant

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In fact, the light does not interfere much with the Ether-Electron, as we can experiment in life :) But, if a photon hit an electron in it's Ether phase, it will interact with surrounding medium immediately (In our angle of the Matrix...).

If someone find a way to stop these electrons, I will personally give him one “Piastre”. But, since then, we could study more this phenomena by that way:


That's the poop!

This is the experiment by itself, with the beam of the LASER centered, after we need to modify the position of the beam to a down corner within few step, to draw a graph of the temperature Vs time, at each step position. The derivative of the graph curve will give the power and the multiplication of the Delta temperature with the heat capacity and mol, the energy within. The ratio energy by theoretical 100 % collision, will give a quantum of Ether-Electron (if we found a % of emission too...).

I found some stuff, on the net, that experiment could be done with a budget of about 500 USD, with a 500 mW LASER and a thermometer of 0.0001 scale at 0.05°C exactness, benzene not included :)

I hope those values being detectable within those specifications :()

Also, we could achieved with some calculation that the Sun and the energy contain in it, does not obey the Einstein equation E = mc², obviously... As example: the energy to trigger a neuron cell must be at least of the order of 1E-3 Joule. That hypothesis may lead to the incommensurate number: 1E-3 * 6 billions Humans * 1000 cells * 3600 * 24 * 365 * 25 = 4.73E18 J so a mass of 52 kg of Sun per 25 years. Few, but look at that one: 1000 kg of benzene * 1E6 * 3600 * 24 * 365 * 6.022E23 * 1E-6 = 1.89E34 J ==> 2.08E17 kg of our beautiful Sun per year. So we need the interactions of the Black Hole ;)


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