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In order to restore the reality on the taxonomy, I am writing these few lines. Following my discovery of RNA-P, it is now essential to put in days taxonomy. All based on the nomenclature established by Cavalier-Smith (1998).

It is clear that this addition does not change big things, but inserts an additional step in the evolution of life. I believe that there is no trace now of this reign, as it is very old and that our researchers do not know about it until recently. The Originatius-P is an extremely primitive form of life. Requiring no DNA, it may and may be split into several entities, depending on the success achieved during his practical research. It should be considered as part of spanking alive. Without commenting on the whole nature of the taxonomy, I therefore declare a new page in our history, with the taxonomy Maxim Thibodeau-A (2017). Another version, a little pretentious, so useless, would be:

Taxonomy Maxim Thibodeau-B (2017): Prima, followed by Empire, Reign and so on...


Prima Euadenia,

Eukariota empire,

kingdom Animalia,

phylum strung,

under branch vertebrate,

mammal class,

Order carnivora,

Sub Order feliformia.

felidae family,

felinae subfamily,

kind felis,

species felis silvestris

subspecies Felis silvestris catus

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