"Space traveller, Nico Maximilian"

The Mars planet conquest, is part of the human greatest dream. Men has always been an eye pointed to the stars, and now it's possible to touched this dream. In this research work, I put together some useful information that will be required for the red planet colonization. A great conceptualization work, and years of web navigation was required, but like almost every research paper, it will be publicized without it's complete achievement.

Without entering the every details, there are the different phases for the colonization:

All the phases will be treated in this book, and I will add my own fantasy touch for the future of Mars. Mars is not like Earth, the life on this planet will never be the same that on our origin planet. But there is some motivation to establish our self on it:



Space conquest... Who never dreamed to leave to the unknown to discover new worlds. New technological discovery, shown in an other book, let us hope for others planetary system. The first problem will certainly be the cosmic radiations that could be lethal even on short period. But, the concept of electromagnetic shield, may help us to make this trip possible. The image on the right, credit to J. Hoffman of MIT, let us visualize a zone with this kind of protections. Without any, it will be more than dangerous to leave the solar system. The cost associate with a spaceship of the required size to colonize an other planet, will be very expensive, but in the case of the Mars planet, the shielding provided by matter mass will be enough.

The security aspect can't be put aside: What could happened to the earth planet, after a collision with an asteroid? In the case of a major impact, we know that the crust will melt with the energy heat. The logic teach us, that more extraterrestrials sites we are going to have, better it is. If our home world is destroyed, we will only have to continue elsewhere...

With the beginning of the colonization on the saint year 2037, we could figure that this protection will be available 25 years later. And I also add than those Marsonautes won't be back soon, because of the cost. The return capacity won't be disembark there, at least for every one of them. The colony dependence from Earth will be short, for the mainstream shipment, but exotics objects could be sent for reasonable cost. The ultimate magic number will be 25 000 $ (US-2018) per kg of matter, under certain assumption of density :)

For the crew transportation vessels, of the first development phases, the cost will be reduce by the effect of large numbers (but more than 25 000 $ / kg of body, see later for details). For the mascot, the first family of cats, the effect of the actual economic crisis, will have to be taken into account.

In conclusion, we have the financial capacity for this unbound project, because of the unlimited military waste, that will be studied carefully, in some chapters. So, we will do it...


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