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Facing unmatched level of difficulties, I'm trying to implement a way to distribute the passage to Mars equitably. A free market of shares, allow me the bleach my hands of dirty behaviour that came with the incapacity to send unlimited spacecrafts to Mars every two years (one cycle). But every market of shares is in compliance of some rules, the whole can be link to a certain way of thinking or another...

I believe that the four major poles, could easily achieved an agreement that will be concluded by a lack of love over the poor nation of our planet :()

So, I will try to balance the power of justice, toward a more world behaviour goal. This mean, trying to retrieve some of the power of strength of the current leading nations of the blue planet, to the power of love with the actual unsufficiently develop country. But all this is purely theoretical, and I also need to achieved correct number in my estimation that must be base on realty of our species.

At last, the unprecedented madness of the concept of money will take over this problematic, I hope some philosopher, maybe, will try to softened the ultimate pain that could be achieved here :)

Chat Gris

Chat Gris

Chat Gris

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