Zeppelin-EDA CoptChat

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This is my newest model of individual electric helicopter hybrid Zeppelin. It was designed to do some sightseeing in my new city type EA Supreme Cat. There may be several variations under one theme, between the pure helicopter and the pure Zeppelin, all of which are very interesting.



Here is an analysis of a simplification of the Hélicopchat, in full flight, with a passenger of 90 kg and a battery of 75 kg. Built in Chromoly steel, this version weighs only 5-10 kg plus the passenger and the batteries and less the 40-100 m³ ball which represents a lightening of the order of 40-100 kg. It should be noted that the engines weigh only 5 kg in all. So there are several possibilities, in terms of batteries, distances, speed, and flight time. Here, two options of LIPO batteries:

Items     Weigth (kg)     Cost (USD)     Links    
Steel: (chromoly) 13 13 / 110 Alibaba /
USA Shop
Battery 75 6000 / 1500 Alibaba
Engine 6X0.5 500 Alibaba
Helium -50 1.40 (>25 trips)     Wikipedia/
Cost ref.

So we could easily consider producing them at a cost of $7 500/unit. Helium is a rather expensive resource, but once carbonated it occupies a very large space, so very little liquid would be enough for a balloon. In terms of speed, it will be in the order of 50 km/h, but you have to keep in mind that the faster you go, the more the opposite force, which gives a graph that can be optimized thanks to the test of the first derivative:)

The most important point: what will be the accumulation of harmful batteries over time in our landfills? The more recyclable a battery, the less efficient it is, this time the equation is not clearly defined, to see...


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