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It is in honor of the EA Eternal Supreme Princesses that this concept was built. With the world oil crisis, it does not come to mind better solution than the electrification of fields, even if it must be partial. Following a partial analysis, but still realistic, I come to the conclusion that electric motors will be more economical than diesel, and this from a value per liter of $ 0.62, however this figure does not included interest on potential loans to put infrastructure in place. All these figures will be discussed further, do not worry, as always the citizen gets raped :)

One might think that the price of grains and vegetables will vary depending on the cost of gas, but if only one nation has this system, the others will have to go on because they will become uncompetitive. Glory and profits, to those who will see there the way that the future will borrow :)


The general concept is for semi-high voltage lines to roam the fields and feed the machinery with energy that I would prefer green, but which may for some time be derived from the standard production means that are in place. A machine as you see in this drawing could have a consumption of the order of 10,000 Watts, with a few more outbreaks. The major problem is not in the power of electric motors and especially not their weight (net advantage for electric motors), but rather in the cost of raw material copper conductors and their implementation in the field . This copper could be replaced by one or two first generations made of aluminum, but personally, I think it would be economically advantageous to make copper from the beginning. It may be necessary to remind the reader that aluminum has a slightly higher resistivity than copper, a disadvantage that decreases greatly with higher voltage, but copper is better even if it costs 3 times more, which is little over a consumption period of hundreds of years where we would be the proud owner of an extremely energy-efficient resource. Such a recent car park, which allows us to save fuel every second.

I would remind the reader that this project has a more Canadian perspective than for Africa, for example. But, any technology can be recompiled for a very particular use that would be specific to that of other nations than ours :)

Even within Canada there are many types of crops and each farmer has his own land of different shapes and qualities. All these concepts will be treated a little further ...


patte de chat

patte de chat

This is a simulation of static components, that i did. If we buy the sheets of steel in China and that the farmers agree to bend it to form the shape, it will have a price of 150 USD + the ceramic isolator (China) 15 USD. There is the tool to do it :)

Bending machine

There will be a need for other metal parts, but the design could be modified to be almost DIY.



There are the data for copper and aluminum, silver cost too much.

For the next, I included the price for the posts too, and the man time to do it, but not the electricity infrastructure, like the transformator. We could presume that the electricity company will assume them :)

Kitten equilibrium


Supreme cat ratio: electrical energy cost / diesel energy cost : All energy efficiency calculation include
EA Supreme eternal cat ratio: the last ratio plus the implementation of the electrical infrastructure
Final supreme eternal cat ratio: include the interest fee, for 25 years loan by 50 years

Typical Ontario land

For the professional farmer, nothing more to know, but let's consider installing such a system in those owner land of Ontario, Canada. For the price, it has been resolve, if we buy in China or in the most affordable market, those numbers are correct. If, for certain economics or pollicals reasons we have to buy it in occidental country, it could be up to a factor of 1000% (100X), but for a market like USA (200 billions USD system cost or 100X = 20 trillions USD), it could be prohibitive. But we must take in considaration that this investment is required and will create about 100 000 jobs, only to build those pylons, it could be in order of a million jobs indirectly created and even more. I let the reader dream about those economics data that can't be proven...


For the land noted as A. We could observe a clearly asymetric shape :)

  But it could certainly be done. The yellow lines are the power lines that carry electricity capacity, and the red dot is the electric company tranformer :)

  The concept that i put in place is highly flexible: we could adjust the length of the secondary cable (from the owner power line to the machinery) or in B doing the harvesting in the axis North-South. There is no absolute maximum length for the secondary cable, but lets consider being able to carry it easily on the machine itself when it is wrap on the cylinder (about 200 meters) :)

  So it's obviously less affordable to be the owner of the land A compare to the land B, but not up to the point to close the books of 15 000 farmers, 100 USD per acre more maybe plus the % ratio of your nation :)

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