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One side of reality that has affected me much more in my life is the use of ether for the transmission of electrons. The ether-electrons being involved in the metabolism of human thought, are synthesized as follows:

Isotope of abundant Helium, possessing a neutron


In addition to the abundant exposure to the ether-electron of which I was a victim, my interest in the colonization of the universe brings me to the analysis of the matrix of the star-black hole system. By various reasonings, I come to the conclusion that the distance between a planet and its star is of prime importance. Not only for surface temperature or amount of radiation, but for the speed of light in the space close to it: therefore the density and at the same time the capacity of the human brain to function. The use of artificial systems to generate an angle could therefore be necessary for the colonization of certain planets. A fusion reactor would therefore be one of the elements to consider during inter-galactic travel: Can the human brain survive? Yes, but cerebellar functions may need to be simulated if a fusion reactor is unavailable or the space is at another angle in the galaxy and that the density of Matrix is too low. Therefore, the inter-galactic journey remains a theoretical fact. However, various strategies could be put forward to counter this phenomenon.


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