Dairy Farming


Warning: Adult content :)

I will try, in this text, to answer the great question: Is it possible to build a new farm, while using only national content ?

The short answer is no, but let's take a look to the long answer...


First the primary resources, exception of the fuel, for the US, everything is on China advantage:

Items export for Canada     America (USD)     China (USD)    
Tissue Paper ($/kg) 5.67 0.90
Steel 6.15 0.40
Aluminum 6.50 1.80
Energy Avg. ($/kwh) 0.12 0.08
Fuel 2.99 4.40
Potatoes ($/kg) 1.61 0.20

You could easily verified those number, because only on China website: Alibaba, it has been written black on white. And for the US number: You can't actualy import a shit from there (only phone and CPU), so they don't put their number on the "net", you have to look at Walmart and Home depot website :()

milk cost

By Torsten Hemme

Producing 1 ton of powder milk will required 8.5 ton of fresh milk !

milk chart
Data for the milk powder referenced

Did you see that: We must now receive a farm from our old dady, to afford that :)

You will need a zero interest rate loan, to be competitive, and your wage will be the one of a third world worker :(

milk milk milk
25$ 300$ 20$ for small part

As usual, I can't get the prices for the USA/European parts. They need us to call them, so they can put pressure on us !

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