Corruption of theories

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Where there are humans, there is the humans believes. By far the creature, from the evolutionary Earth lined, the most intelligent, but the less evolved, man has shown his mental inferiority throughout its history that dates back over 5000 years of peace and love . It is punch behind it all started, subsequently, an innumerable succession of knowledge, some call it weapons, swept the blue planet. This is a final evolutionary triumph, I added, the absolute individualizing weapon :( (See galactic conquest and post-modern weapons)

But, what could have happened?

Man, having a common ancestor with the gorilla, probably appeared in Africa. Far from me the idea to write a book on paleontology, but only to use the research on the origins of man, as a preamble to this. The Earth is a vast planet, and the monkey has spread slowly on its surface. Becoming more and more Human, primates evolved their respective conquest of territories. Given the territorial vastness of our world, they fled and fought bitterly. The different human bodies were created by technological inability to move enough to homogenize the species.

It was around the age of Alexander the Great, the Earth took a small first shot. The conqueror went to India and returned conquer Egypt. Since that time, where there was the phalanx, it became increasingly smaller until the first world war and the second. Maximum of ridicule, it could now be controlled in space requested for positioning a desktop.

So it was different political regimes, neighbor dominating art, for good or bad, all located between madness and ultimate madness. While thinking beings, philosophers, perhaps, have sacrificed their lives to end this way. It was very little, as was to be born after the coming of fascism, the inferiority bipolarity, for our species, the world of the atomic age. But, ultimatly we don't know nothing about what is going to be the era of the spice age... But it begun with the rise of the international terrorism, and a trumpet was given to me :)

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