Cat Cavity Theory

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Cavity-Cat hypothesis: It is possible, without membrane, to produce an enclosed system, which can exchange with its medium. Maybe they were. For example, a simple cavity in the rock, with a small aperture, or a porosity allowing a molecular exchange, could have given enough time to our first cell to develop a simplistic membrane structure, but sufficient for its Subsequent development. I may be talking about a chemical agent that would have the property to change the viscosity to low concentration or not. Thereafter, the cell could have been released by an explosion of joy and a meow of happiness. But before that, what could have happened to get there?

It is possible to produce DNA and RNA fragments in the laboratory for a long time, but what is the likelihood of substances being formed in different cat cavities and released to give rise to the desired reaction. However, with the calculation based on the decay of carbon-14 and other isotopes, it is possible that this was done over a very very long period (billions of years). It is now possible to study the situation and determine the exact sequence of what has happened, which is not a purely phallic reasoning, because it would be quite the opposite of where we come from.


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