The Evidence of Corpus Callosum Central Interaction

A-M Classical

All those images, are not the final proof that the corpus callosum is the only part of the brain that is an emitter-transmitter of the ether-electron waves, but for me, it is an evidence that it certainly contribute to the control of the information that could be transferred. For me the coincidence of the involvement strategic structural positioning of this part of the brain and the need of intercommunication between the different part of the cerebral entity, put this structure as my favorite target for the roots of this phenomena.

So, when the thinker process information about his eyes, the flux of electric-chemical, goes from the front of the brain throughout the back for computation, and there is most probably a small quantity of links that goes through the Corpus callosum for being transmuted into ether-electronic wave that will deserve the evolutionary function of cutting the priority allowance of others system of the brain, so the whole thing will be more efficient by this mode of selectivity of functions.

Is a new IQ test emerge from this concept ? Would it be possible to take measurement of the selectivity frequency of different systems to get an number between 0 – 100 to diagnose well some new deficiencies of the the Human species. Are the discrete number of cerebral function that could be trigger at the “same time”, be part of this new calibration scale of tough capacity ?

If this question arise, it is because some questioning still remain about stinky diseases such those that are diagnoses by some incapacity of the brain to be more Human one, than fish one. Would it be possible, after that discovery that we will be able to fix what the nature did not care of in some individual being that are the victim of one of the worst thing that could happened to them, being without efficient intellectual capacities.



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