Visual Studio setting UP


First you will need to download this executable, and run it: Visual Studio 2019: community edition (free)

After you will be required to choose wich parts to install: I'm suggesting C#, and to be able to use the form building tools, don't forget to download the designer tools: Designer Tools

Also you will need to make sure you are using .NET 3.5 development tools, in the individual componants tab of the installation Apps, or you won't be able to access all the tools in the toolbox...

Create a new project: Windows Forms App:(.NET framework)

SharpDX Set Up

In Visual studio: tools -> Nuget manager -> Nuget manager for solution: Select those librairies:

SharpDX DirectX11 is selected because for large scale map, like I want to implement in this tutorial, DX12 is slow on average Graphic Cards !

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