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As described above, we could extrapolate on the angle and the density of the substances generated by the stars and the black holes:

In conclusion, if the different substances that are the four states, have for origin this process, what naturally can produce the first substantial strains? I do not think the big bang ever existed: no quark soup and nothing like it. Let's ignore the first substances, and we can easily conceptualize that some expansion is produced by the spread of an incredible amount of mass. But this expansion is not a explosion itself, it's really a spread. In spite of all my efforts, it is impossible for me to prove this hypothesis, it is my opinion. As far as the Big Bang is concerned, it's even worse, moreover, the similar proofs that some have brought are based on false equations and inadequate concepts. It may be possible now to quantify the multiplicative and or additive coefficients to be applied to the distances and angles where this actually places the substances, but will we accept such atrocities?

As for the big-crunch, it's a little bit the same. However, it is possible that we may not be able to leave our Universe in the event of a collapse by the mass that can not be demonstrated. Is there a more fundamental matrix than that caused by the juxtaposition of the fusion of stars and black holes, if these two concepts are equivalent except for the size of their mass. If the collapsed mass and ordinary mass would be the plus, what would be the minus?

The questions are numerous, the amount of concepts that must be described and explained makes me dizzy. Nevertheless, I try to do so by giving examples that have a real practical significance, so that the abstract that comes afterwards can be imagined.


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